Weekend Success!


Happy Monday Everyone!

I weighed in this morning and I was the same weight as I was before the beginning of the weekend so I will call that a success!  The weekend consisted of amazing sushi, a NorCal Margarita, a spicy shrimp dish, a piece of cake, a relaxing Sunday seafood lunch and I started a great new Paleo book.

We ended up going out to eat 3 times this weekend because my sis and her fiance gave us a gift card as an early anniversary gift to an awesome new seafood restaurant that we will definitely be going back to! More about that later.   Let’s start off at the beginning of the weekend 🙂

Friday night we got sushi at Siam Sushi.  My husband and I went there once before and really liked it but hadn’t been back because it is on the other side of town.  Boy were we glad to rediscover this place again!   My husband got the sashimi plate that had 15 pieces of fresh fish.  They were very big thick pieces and were they super fresh.  The salmon literally melted in my mouth. 😀  Oh I forgot to mention…my husband and I have this thing where we usually do half and half on anything we order at a restaurant.  No, I didn’t steal his dinner. 🙂  I ordered a tuna salad that was piled high with seared tuna and was served with a lemongrass vinaigrette.  Another great choice if I do say so myself.   Next time I will remember to snap some pics.

Saturday was the celebration of my Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary at El Patron so we decided to splurge and have a NorCal Margarita.  We ordered a couple shots of top shelf tequilla that were 100% agave like the recipe recommended.  It was a really good drink that didn’t make me feel awful after and I didn’t miss the sugar.  I ordered a spicy shrimp dish  that was really yummy.  It was very spicy but I like spicy.  On the menu the dish came with rice and beans but I just asked for a salad instead and it worked great.  I also made sure to sit away from the chips and salsa so I was not tempted!  After dinner we went to my parents and had a piece of chocolate cake from Costco.  When I first looked at the ingredients I was shocked.   I think there were at least 30 ingredients on that tag and some I couldn’t pronounce but I didn’t let that stop me from celebrating with my grandparents.  Looking back I wish I took a little smaller piece because it was very very rich but oh well.

Sunday after church we decided to use that gift card and go to McCelland’s Grill and Bar.   It reminded me of a restaurant that you would see on the coast and was very clean whereas some other restaurants in town you kinda wonder about the health codes. :/  We looked at the menu on the drive over and decided what to get.  I order the raw sampler with oysters, clams, shrimp and snow crab and my husband got a grilled kabob combo with steak, shrimp and bacon wrapped scallops with steamed veggies.  Yum Yum!  The seafood was very fresh and the service was great.  We even got to meet the owner who was really nice.  A great place to stop if we don’t feel like cooking.

The last highlight of the weekend is I began reading The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf.   I was blown away by some of the things the author explained and I will have to read some of the chapters again because there is so much detail. Grains wreak havoc on your system and make you sick by raising insulin levels, messing up your fatty acid ratios, and irritating your gut, but they are also addictive.  He explained that when your body is working properly, we have excellent appetite control and tend to eat just the right amount of food for our activity and maintenance needs.  When our body’s communication breaks down by eating grains and other processed foods, chaos ensues.  Our body needs protein, carbs and fat to function.   We just need to get all of these from the right sources.   I can’t wait to read more and I plan to share what I learn.

That is all for today 🙂  I hope to have one more post before our vacation to St. Augustine to celebrate my birthday and our anniversary if not wish me luck on my Paleo vacation adventure!


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